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Child support can help or hinder your chances of getting a VA home loan. See how it can be either potential income or a liability depending on.

Can i use child support to get a mortgage loan? I just seperated with my husband. i want to be independent and buy a home. Im waiting for a response on how much i will get from child support, i have two kids and dont make a lot of money.. Child support is considered as regular income, if it.

Child Support: The first thing you will need in order to use Child support payments as income to qualify for a mortgage is your separation agreement. lenders need to know the support was agreed on by both parties and the amount was clearly defined in your agreement.

If you were previously a two-income household, you aren’t now, and if you’re paying alimony, you have less money than you did. Whether you’re in the midst of a divorce or its aftermath, here are some.

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Best Answer: Yes, your child support can be included in your income for the mortgage. However, it is a real pain to prove and it’s better if you qualify without it. I don’t remember all the requirements, but it must be court ordered and have a minimum 2 year history of consistent payment.

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Think your income will limit your ability to buy a home?. and allowances; alimony payments; investment income; social Security income; Child support payments. Your DTI ratio tells lenders whether can afford to take on another debt.

In such households – the study estimated 1.2 million of them statewide – financial emergencies like broken-down cars or.

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Income from investments in securities, bonds and the like, may be included if it can be demonstrated that similar income amounts have been available for the past three years, and is reasonably expected to continue. Should an investment income be considered as highly speculative, it would not normally be included. Alimony/Child Support

Lenders can count child support payments as effective income toward a mortgage, and that can help get veterans into the price range they want. But spouses who are paying that monthly support will have that money counted as an outgoing liability by mortgage lenders.

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